New year, new me.

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It’s been a while, we know. But we also often say that, when transiting from one year to another, but for some people it can be even more literal and meaningful. We’ll get there.

FIRST OF ALL, let’s all congratulate all the BIG Impact winners! They are:

  • Sens’ability selected by Vodafone challenge with a GSM wearable equipment able to call the emergency services autonomously and efficiently;
  • Spawnfoam was chosen by C.M. Cascais challenge for developing biomaterials that help the transition to a circular economy;
  • and Lilheads won Visão challenge by automating the process of creating immersive digital personas that bring people to life.

But let’s not forget this was all about impact. And it’s only unfair not to mention the other finalists that went through a super demanding and intense 48-hour Hackathon and that presented solutions that were so amazing that all the partners want to work with them. We couldn’t be more proud!

Also, our BIG partner IBM was more than committed and engaged with all these purposes and missions, having been working with some of the finalist startups. They helped Global Plenitude creating an API prototype, which is already working and able to manage the refugees’ database. 

But speaking of “new year, new me”, here’s the story we wanted to tell you. One of the finalists, Dar a Mão (Lend a Hand) helped little Frederico to begin 2020 in the best possible way – with a new hand! And for that they had IBM helping them, unlocking a lot of the obstacles they found along the way.

Some wonderful and promising stories that help us restore faith in humanity.

Stay tuned for future updates. We’re already working on the winners’ pilots, so it will take no time for us to write again.