Ever wondered how you can impact the world?


Wonder no more. With BIG Impact you can be aware of specific areas and challenges which are looking for tech solutions - that hopefully you can be able to provide!

We know impact has a really vast and wide meaning. And we also know that, even though many of us want to be part of it, we often feel overwhelmed with so many options and things to do.

That’s why this year we asked our sponsors to share their pains with us. To look deep into their realities so they understand how technology can be used to reach a bigger impact within 3 crucial areas.

And so they did.

Vodafone asked how can they use technology to foster inclusion. 
So they dare you: how to use entrepreneurship and technological innovation, to build an inclusive and digital society accessible to all?

Câmara Municipal de Cascais wondered how they could stimulate the adoption of circular behaviors. 
Can you help them boosting circular economy, enabling people to embrace solutions where goods are reintroduced in the consumption cycle?

And Visão Magazine needs help tailoring contents so they can push knowledge. Do you know how to empower society with a curatorship of customized and transparent content, by improving the experience on accessing information?

Now it’s up to you. The world needs BIG Impact.